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Loop de Loop

  • Written by  Kenneth McMurtrie

Following agreement being reached between all members of the classic line-up of Loop the seminal late-Eighties psychedelic quartet are set to play a select number of shows across the globe as well as curate the second of the final two All Tomorrow's Parties events this coming Winter at Camber Sands.


This coming Summer Reactor Records are set to re-issue the final two Loop albums on vinyl - Fade Out will see the light of day on June 10 with A Gilded Eternity following on August 19. Plans are in the works to bring out The World In Your Eyes in 2014 (debut Heaven's End is already available on vinyl). Re-mastered from the original analogue, the re-issues are limited to 3000 copies each and will come as 45rpm double disc packages with a download code so you need never even play them.

Off the back of these events Robert Hampson, John Wills, Neil MacKay and Scott Dowson will take to the road for, in the words of Hampson, some shows that will be "... blink and you miss it because it's not going to be around long, I refuse to prolong it and for it to become embarrassing. It'll be sharp and to the point ... straight to your heart and then, it's gone." One of those shows will be at the aforementioned ATP event, titled End Of An Era, over November 29 - December 01 and also featuring acts such as  The Pop Group, 23 Skidoo, Fennesz, Oneohtrix Point Never, Edan (DJ set), Eaux and Hookworms over the course of the three days.

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