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Rendezvous Point Share Digital Waste

Norwegian progressive metal band Rendezvous Point share their new single, ‘Digital Waste’. It's the third new track taken from the upcoming studio album, Universal Chaos, which will be released on Friday.

"This one came about when I (Petter) originally had written a song with the first riff, but when I introduced it to the band, we started jamming on the riff and it just spun off in another direction. Baard had some really cool ideas and variations that we played around with, and Nicolay suggested the idea that what if we just kept going with one note in the chorus and just kept it boiling. And it turned out pretty cool. We ended up arranging this song all together on band practice. We also felt pretty stoked about, having tons of energy and a rawness to it."

"Universal Chaos deals with themes such as battling with your own mind, thoughts and emotions. It shines light on feelings of escape, the digital world, suppressing emotions, losing control over oneself and the battle with inner demons. It also talks about feelings of lust and the fear of the unknown."

"Universal Chaos" Tracklist:

01 Apollo

02 Digital Waste

03 Universal Chaos

04 Pressure

05 The Fall

06 The Takedown

07 Unfaithful

08 Resurrection

09 Undefeated



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