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Susanna Shares Video For Wilderness

After releasing her new album, Garden of Earth Delights, earlier this year, Norwegian artist Susanna and her new band, which she has called the Brotherhood of Our Lady, are sharing a new video from the record for standout track ‘Wilderness’.

Speaking about the video, Susanna said  "I have wanted to make an animated video to my music for a long time, but it was about looking for the right person and opportunity to do so. I discovered the work of Lori Damiano through Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s music, she has made art work for several of his releases. My album is inspired by the Dutch 14th century artist Hieronymus Bosch, and his vivid, surreal and colourful world. The video for ‘Wilderness’ is a gorgeous fairytale based on my song and Bosch’s art; with colours, animals, spirits, different creatures and humor. I am so excited to show you this beautiful video by Lori Damiano."

The incredible, ahead-of-its-time art of Bosch bears strong comparison with the music of Norwegian artist Susanna. Visionary, disturbing, spiritual; vivid images of darkness and light, good and evil, heaven and hell and the folly of mankind. Like her songs, Bosch’s iconic images range from the panoramic to the intimate, and express bliss, torment and tortuous inner conflicts.



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