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Susanna & The Brotherhood Of Our Lady Share New Single

Norwegian artist Susanna And The Brotherhood Of Our Lady for her upcoming record work their magic together on new single ‘Ecstasy X’, which is taken from new LP Garden of Earthly Delights, set for release February 22 via SusannaSonata

‘Ecstasy X’ features church bells on a cassette, squeaky accordion and heavy processed voices that claim ecstasy is only achievable if we follow the goddess of darkness; conjuring up feelings of the witching hour. Highly inspired by the surreal in Hieronymus Bosch’s art; Susanna has made a cycle of songs which underline the strange and experimental alongside the beautiful for her upcoming album.

The incredible, ahead-of-its-time art of medieval Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch bears strong comparison with the music of Norwegian artist Susanna. Visionary, disturbing, spiritual; vivid images of darkness and light, good and evil, heaven and hell and the folly of mankind. Like her songs, Bosch’s iconic images range from the panoramic to the in3mate, and express bliss, torment and tortuous inner conflicts.

On Garden of Earthly Delights, her 13th album, Susanna takes a selection of Bosch’s paintings as starting points for a fervent, poetic rosary of fantastical songs and stories. Tracks like ‘Gluttony and Lust’, ‘Death and the Miser’ and ‘Ship of Fools’, reflect Bosch’s depictions of sin and human weakness, while ‘Wayfarer’, ‘Ecstasy’ and ‘Beautiful Life" suggest the transcendent search for spiritual rewards.

“While this is not a soundtrack to his paintings,” she says, “I feel a resemblance between the absurdity in his pictures and today’s existence. Humanity has never been more enlightened and competent to make sustainable solutions for everyone, but we still close our eyes to poverty, environmental issues and lack of equality.”

1. Garden of Earthly Delights

2. Wayfarer

3. Ecstasy X

4. Death and the Miser

5. Ship of Fools

6. Ecstasy

7. Wilderness

8. Wayfarer II

9. Gluttony and Lust

10. Beautiful Life

11. By Earth and Starry Heaven

12. City of Hope

13. River to Hell

14. Gathering of Birds




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