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Namosh Flexes Music Muscle

Ahead of the release of his latest studio album, innovative Berlin-based producer, Namosh, unveils its title track ‘Music Muscle’. Everyone knows how music and physicality interplay. There isn’t really anybody who has never sung. With the right beat, nobody can resist losing themselves to dance. The title track of Namosh’s latest studio album sees the thought provoking artist championing the very essence of this powerful interaction.

Guiding the listener across the dancefloor, here the Berliner masterfully distils his influences from 30 years of dance music to create a sound entirely his own – both complex and memorable. An exclusive remix for the track was made by Franz Schütte of Jeans Team.

The single is yet another euphoric indicator of what to expect from Namosh's upcoming album:; a record that tells a story about dancing. Anchored in the past, not just in Namosh's, but also in dance music itself, the album is an infectious blend of funk and disco and breakdancing, with nods to the DFA sound of New York or the cool Berlin-Mitte sound and beyond.




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