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Skating Polly EP Co-Written By Veruca Salt

Tacoma, Washington-based Skating Polly have announced details of a new EP, New Trick for release on April 28th via El Camino Media. The EP was co-written by Veruca Salt’s Louise Post & Nina Gordon . Following the 2016 release of their highly acclaimed album The Big Fit, the duo found themselves on the receiving end of glowing admiration from Post and Gordon, who reached out looking to collaborate. 

A dream come true, the band soon joined Post and Gordon in Los Angeles for a writing session, where the four musicians hit it off instantly and soon entered the studio with Brad Wood (Liz Phair, Sunny Day Real Estate, Smashing Pumpkins) to record the three new tracks that make up New Trick. The EP’s artwork is appropriately provided by famous 1970’s punk-era photographer and co-founder of Slash magazine Melanie Nissen, with the vinyl including a B-side etching hand-drawn by the band.

The collaborative effort helped the stepsisters, who often trade off on instruments and lead vocals, to push the boundaries of their songwriting while maintaining the honest and genuine sound that is such an undeniable part of the band’s DNA.  It’s that same sincerity that has helped the band accrue a mass of fans over the last six years and four albums; counting fellow artists like John Doe, JD McPherson, Shirley Manson, Django Django, Meredith Graves, Kate Nash, Wavves, and the actor Viggo Mortensen among them.

New Trick track list:

1. Louder in Outer Space

2. Hail Mary

3. Black Sky

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