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Singles That Mingle 20211207

  • Written by  Captain Stavros

Laura May Carter – ‘Blue’s Not My Colour’ 

Mini Album Out Now 


We once threw back a few shots of tequila with Laura May Carter at the Lexington and then proceeded to destroy Steven (BRS Bandmate) and his partner at a savage game of Foosball. Do not mess with her, do listen to her tunes. 


Drug Couple – ‘Our December’ 

Stoned Weekend – Out January 28th 


Honestly, the name got us, then we released it was December, kismet. We stuck around for the stripped back tones though. 


Boy Harsher – ‘Give Me a Reason’ 

January 21st Album Release 


If after all this time we haven’t given you enough reasons to listen to Boy Harsher, ‘Give Me a Reason’ you shouldn’t be? 


SPINN – ‘People Should Know Better’ 


Album out February 14th 

Flexin’ political chops without clubbing you over the head with them, resonates. 


Blood Red Shoes – ‘Morbid Fascination’ 

New Album January 14th 


BRS, like sharks, continue to move forward testing the bloody waters of new darker and harder sounds and thus ensure their survival. 


Hand Habits – ‘The Answer’ 

‘Fun House’ Out Now 


Elements of Elliott Smith hooked us. 


Vero - ‘Beg!’ 

Out Jan 14th 


Nostalgic and Grungy Hole vibe, hooked the second I heard the guitar intro 



Solis – ‘Sunday’ 


Hypnotic and easy to connect with. 

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