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Pop Will Eat Itself Box Set Incoming

Emerging from Stourbridge in the mid-1980s, Pop Will Eat Itself quickly progressed from two minute, punk-inspired indie hits to sample-heavy hip hop, house, techno and industrial rock. Along the way, the band scored countless hit singles and albums, toured the world and became a much-loved mainstay of the UK music scene during the late 1980s and 1990s. Having reached the end of the line in 1996, the band reformed in 2011, so far releasing two new albums and continuing to record and perform live to an enthusiastic international fanbase, including recent trips to the USA and Australia.

Def Comms 86-18 brings together material from across PWEI’s entire career for the first time, compiled with vocalist Graham Crabb and including unreleased material supplied exclusively for this release. Stylish, modern and complete, this is the definitive PWEI experience for both long established fans, & the new and the curious.

This career-spanning 4CD collection, includes all the hits, classic album tracks, remixes and rarities; 75 tracks, including four previously unreleased recordings, album-by-album sleeve-notes by guitarist Adam Mole, and new artwork by The Designers Republic. It contains material from all eight of the band’s albums, plus the ‘lost’ 1996 album, as well as unheard alternate versions and a recently recorded demo.

PWEI continue to perform around the UK and beyond, and they appeared at the Camden Rocks festival in June and will be at Camp Bestival in late July 2018.

Disc One:


1. Sweet Sweet Pie

2. Theresapsychopath In My Soup (Early Version)

3. Sick Little Girl

4. The Devil Inside

5. Orgone Accumulator

6. Everything That Rises (New Version)

7. Love Missile F1-11

8. Ugly (Band Version)

9. Oh Grebo I Think I Love You (New Version)

10. Grebo Guru

11. Beaver Patrol

12. She’s Surreal

13. There Is No Love Between Us Anymore (7” Mix)

14. Kiss That Girl

15. Radio Pwei

16. Def Con One 1989ad

17. Not Now James, We’re Busy

18. Can U Dig It? (7” Mix)

19. Preaching To The Perverted (Remix)

20. Satelite Ecstatica

21. Pwei-Zation

22. Wise Up! Sucker (7” Version)

23. Orgyone Stimulator

24. Inject Me    


Disc Two:


1. Dance Of The Mad (Seven)

2. 88 Seconds… & Still Counting

3. Cicciolina (7” Mix)

4. X, Y And Zee (Electric Sunshine Style)

5. Another Man’s Rhubarb

6. 92°F (The 3rd Degree: Feat. Sylvia Tella)

7. Nightmare At 20,000 Feet

8. Psychosexual

9. Very Metal Noise Pollution

10. Get The Girl, Kill The Baddies (Sherwood 7” Mix)

11. Good From Far, Far From Good

12. Karmadrome (7” Mix)

13. Mother

14. Bulletproof! (Adrian Sherwood Remix)

15. Eat Me Drink Me Love Me Kill Me (7” Version)

16. Pretty Pretty

17. Rockahula Baby

18. Urban Futuristic


Disc Three:


1. Ich Bin Ein Auslander (7” Mix)

2. Rsvp (7” Mix)

3. Cape Connection (Exclusive Version) *

4. Kick To Kill

5. Familus Horribilus (7” Mix)

6. Everything’s Cool?

7. Games Without Frontiers

8. No Contest

9. Talent+Attitude=$

10. 100% Is **It

11. The Demon

12. Axe Of Men 2010 (Crabbi Remix)

13. Chaos And Mayhem

14. Equal Zero

15. Disguise

16. Watch The Bitch Blow

17. Reclaim The Game (Original Version: Feat. B Negão)

18. 21st Century English Civil War

*Previously Unreleased


Disc Four:

Remixes, Rarities And Unreleased

1. There Is No Love Between Us Anymore (Specially Extended Dance Mix)

2. Def Con One (Doomsday Power Mix)

3. Wise Up Sucker (12” Youth Mix)

4. Very Metal (Feb ‘89 Demo)

5. Pwei-Zation (12” Mix)

6. Dance Of The Mad ‘N Bad (12” Mix)

7. 92°F (Boilerhouse ‘The Birth’ Mix)

8. Rock Of Ages

9. Eat Me Drink Me Dub Me Kill Me

10. Get The Girl (Sherwood 12” Dub)

11. Ich Bin Ein Auslander (Die Krupps Mix)

12. Kick2kill (Jim Foetus Seersucker Mix)

13. Fatman (Session Version) *

14. Oldskool Cool (Ravey Mix) *

15. Eyes Wide Open *

*Previously Unreleased




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