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The Coathangers Reissue Debut LP Featured

Suicide Squeeze have announced plans to re-release The Coathangers’ raw and rowdy long out-of-print 2007 self-titled debut album. This latest, remastered version of the album will be released on December 4 and includes the bonus tracks, ‘Wife Eyes’ from the 2010 ‘Hard Candy EP’ and the title track from 2007’s ‘Never Wanted You EP’. ‘The Coathangers’ will be available on vinyl featuring expanded artwork with an initial pressing of 1000 copies (500 on Confetti Crush Splatter Vinyl, 500 on Neon Strawberry Banana Pinwheel Vinyl). The album will also be available on digital formats.


Along with the announcement, they have shared the remastered version of ‘Wife Eyes’. "We have always encouraged each-other to explore other instruments. For us, switching instruments was a way to explore our creativity and expand our sonic landscape” comments Julia Kugel. “I think some of our most creative songs came out of the practice of switching instruments and 'Wife Eyes' is one of our earliest recorded songs where we switched instruments: Candice plays drums and Steph the keys. The title is an obvious play on words-inspired by a joke on 30 Rock that lent itself well to speaking on the roles of technology and patriarchy in our culture. It’s amazing to see that we are still dealing with these issues today."

The eponymous debut album by The Coathangers is a whirlwind ride of a band at the most frenzied, celebratory, and free moment of their existence. As a standalone record, it’s a brash and bawdy rocker sure to please anyone who likes their rock n’ roll sweaty and messy. As a piece in the band’s legacy, it’s an exhilarating reminder of the band’s youthful carefree beginnings.

'The Coathangers' track list:

1. Why This Record Intro

2. Tonya Harding

3. Wreckless Boy

4. Haterade

5. A Real Honey

6. Shut The Fuck Up

7. Parking Lot

8. Buckhead Betty

9. Don’t Touch My Shit!

10. Roll Dem Dice

11. Parcheezi

12. Fatty Pad

13. Nestle In My Boobies

14. Bloody Shirt

15. The Missing Letter

16. Wife Eyes (bonus track)

17. Never Wanted You (bonus track)

18. Larger Success Outro


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