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The Coathangers Announce New Album

The Coathangers’ new album, The Devil You Know, is due out on March 8 via Suicide Squeeze Records. For 12 years, The Coathangers have been building an infallible reputation for chaotic punk rock and visceral live shows, but this sixth LP is a record that captures their established takes on vitriolic punk, playful house-party anthems, and heart-worn ballads and melds them all, revealing a new level of songwriting and nuance.

Now they have shared the album’s opening track and accompanying video, ‘Bimbo’, with guitarist/vocalist Julia Kugel saying: “‘Bimbo’ is a bittersweet note on love, self preservation, and letting go. It came together naturally and was one of the easiest songs to be written for the new record. It tells two sides of the story but still feels uplifting and positive. An acceptance of things the way they are.”

She continues: "The video was shot on our last European tour by us and our fellow road warrior Mackenzie Sutch. We spend a large part of our lives on the road and it felt right to make the first video off the new record a small documentation of that. Tour is bittersweet as well. It can be dreamy and harsh at the same time. Shot mostly in Spain and Portugal, the video for ‘Bimbo’ is a lovely memory of a complex emotional and physical journey. The video was edited by our good friend Nacho Montero from Madrid."

 ‘The Devil You Know’ track list:

1. Bimbo

2. 5 Farms

3. Crimson Telephone

4. Hey Buddy

5. Step Back

6. Stranger Danger

7. F the NRA

8. Memories

9. Last Call

10. Stasher

11. Lithium




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