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Honey Ryder - Born In A Bottle

  • Written by  Katherine Rippon

Honey Ryder
 have come a very long way since their debut single 'Numb' in 2008 marked them out as a folk-indie duo with mainstream chart potential. Having lost founding member Martyn Shone in the aftermath of their debut album Rising Up, the strength of the new line-up (vocalist Lindsay O'Mahony is joined by Matt Bishop and Jason Huxley) was more than proven on their pop-country sophomore Marley's Chains. Now, six years after their debut, the group have release their third studio album, Born in a Bottle.

For fans of their first album, Born in a Bottle will be a satisfying release. For while it's perhaps even more country driven than their previous, there are stripped back moments of raw beauty and honest lyrics which are as poignant in their drive as their debut showed they had the potential to craft.
Opening with the instant anthem of the title track 'Born in a Bottle', Honey Ryder show that they are a band who know how to get a party started. With easy to sing lyrics, a stomping beat and a rousing vocal at its centre, it has radio hit written all over it. As it blends into the current Radio 2 hit, 'What If We've Only Got Tonight', the band show that they learnt a lot from mid-90s icons Mindy McCready, Shania Twain and Martina McBride, as they deliver an equally memorable mid-tempo. As lead single 'Drink With Me' brings the party atmosphere to the forefront again, the album's opening three numbers show that this is a band that knows where they excel.
However there is intimacy, like on track 4, 'Little Feet', a song penned by Lindsay about parenthood. The loving mother is unafraid as she explores her own insecurities, questioning whether a parent can ever be good enough to the child they are raising. It is in this soft ballad that Honey Ryder set themselves apart from their radio-dominating country peers. There are real emotions, real feelings all delivered in delicate and unforgettable songs.
As the album continues, Honey Ryder lean towards the upbeat, with notable numbers including 'In A Heartbeat' and the Garth Brooks like, 'Hitting The High Notes', it is with another sensitive insight that Honey Ryder score their second stand out moment. 'Years From Now' is probably one of the most moving songs you will hear in 2016. An understated glance at true friendship, 'Years From Now' is rooted in the blissful folk sound found on their debut album and will have you feeling all tingly and warm as you sing along.
Although Born in a Bottle is essentially a country album, its versatile sound is representative of a band unafraid of avoiding genre classification in favour of good music. This is an album that will make you want to sing along out loud, dance wildly but also prompt moments of introspective thought.
Born in a Bottle is available from Amazon & iTunes. 
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