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The Great Escape 2014 - Day Two

  • Written by  Rob Crozier

With sore heads and soggy jeans we hoist our lanyards around our necks and trot out for more of The Great Escape. As we wander through the streets we come across obvious other Great Escapers. We overhear a conversation between two bearded muso types discussing what androgynies sound like and where can they hear some?

We decide to leave them to their beard stroking and we head to hear New Desert Blues and Jaws for some healthy indie rock to wake our ears up. After a quick bite to eat we continue to the wonderful sounds of Glass Owls followed by the soothing keyboards of Unknwn.

After the yesterday's disappointment of not getting into the odd venue or two, we devise a plan of attack. It's become apparent that in order to ensure you get in it's ideal to plump for the band that precedes your favoured artist.

With this in mind, we head for The Haunt. The idea being that with two acts we want to see, we may as well spend a large chunk of the evening in one place. We may also be surprised by the other acts. We spend many hours discussing the benefits of this, on one hand it prevents us running between venues, and our previous experience has told us that once you’re inside a venue, it's best to try and stay there. We are however, rewarded hugely by a great line up.

Hip Hop comes from the straight talking Hawk House with a wonderful flow of lyrics and beats. East India Youth then blows the whole crowd away with an amazing solo performance of sheer noise management. The ginger haired, pimpled youth creates such wonderfully musical landscapes as he moves from subtle keyboards, ending in full on techno. We think he has a magical future ahead of him and, in our opinion, comes out as the star of the festival.

We are then further entertained via stand up British rockers Telegram whose unapologetic rock and roll rounds off a wonderful array of talent through three different styles. Hungry for more we drop into Komedia to catch incredible Japanese DJ Tokimonsta before finishing the night with Ella Eyre whose soulful vocals soothe aching feet and heads before we're tugged home content and buzzing from  another wonderful day of music. 

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