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The Weekly Froth!

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The Weekly Froth! A weekly take on six tracks, most of which have recently popped up somewhere in the blogosphere. Bit of a mixed bag with a slight leaning towards house, disco, and remixes, but generally just anything that for some reason tickled the writer’s fancy.

Track of the week:  ‘Niagara’ by Boys Get Hurt feat. Polvo Disco

Already out a few months, but this Boys Get Hurt track still worth a mention I reckon. Dreamy-yet-catchy synth-pop, starting with, after 8 seconds, a little beat, some percussion, and after the twenty second mark you really get the synths in there to give it this pop effect. When the vocals come in you have a little cymbal in the background, some synths, and when he starts with the verse you have a bass sound dictating the rhythm. They change it up nicely before and after the chorus, in which he asks Just tell me how it feels, I want to stay. The track has a nice breeziness, very easy-on-the-ear, and it knows when to add the rhythm elements to get all them peepz dancing again.


‘LIV’ by Jeremy Glenn

This one starts with a bit of pizzazz, it has got this naughty little synth line going, as if something is going to happen tonight (oh-la-la!). The vocals in the verse start out rather rhythmic, though just before the minute mark Jeremy Glenn already starts showing his range a bit. And surely, his vocals are always stand-out, so no exception here. I like the bridge from the chorus to the next verse about 1:20, he has a nice little beat going on there. And, as said, I like the feel of the track, it kind of has this I-want-to-rock-with-you feel, which during the chorus gets a bit reigned in as Glenn shows off how long he can do with one breath. Definitely has the pace and the vibe of something to dance to, preferably with someone you fancy (which, I reckon, is preferable 9 out of 10 times, but you get my drift).


‘Evil Eyes’ by Roisin Murphy (Hercules & Love Affair Remix)

‘Evil Eyes’ is my personal favorite from Roisin Murphy’s new album, and Hercules and Love Affair are always my personal favorite for whatever. Though, truth be told, the albums I’m more fond of than the remixes more often than not, as that skews more to the disco and vocal house, where the beats in the remixes are often a bit colder, more techno infused. But all is forgotten at about 1:40, really, when the combination of that beat with the bass and Murphy’s impeccable vocal delivery is golden. And, to be honest, it are especially the latter two which make this one such a joy, though the beat is good to have there if only to give all the danceclub people something to hang on to as they’re jacking their body. Andy Butler knows to pay reverence to Murphy, her vocals being used spot on. Very clear, nothing to cloud them. Another lovely change-up at about 3:50, and those are the moments that really show the expertise at work here. When the vocal delivery changes at about 4:25 a new instrument is added, and these are the little things that all put it above the fray.


‘Inspiration Information’ by Shuggie Otis (Dino Soccio Rework)

Dino Soccio has taken on ‘Inspiration Information’, a 1974 track by Shuggie Otis, of which the similarly named album was re-released in 2001 by David Byrne’s independent label. How about that, eh? Soccio starts with a slow power beat with some echoing vocals, and at the twenty second mark he double paces the beat and throws in a shitload of vocals along with some other sounds to make sure you’ve got something to listen to. Just after the minute mark you get the beat, a verse, and a little bass and what I think is organ in there. Around 1:40 Soccio makes sure you get plenty of the vocals and backing vocals as he dials down the beat for a moment, bringing it back at the two minute mark. It has got this California laid back feel to it, though you can definitely be grooving to this on the dancefloor a little as well. At about the 3:20 mark you get this lovely moment sans beat again, during which he gets that funky guitar going. Lovely rework of something that I, for one, haven’t been hearing a lot of on the dancefloor.


‘Haus Party’ by Colour Vision

Colour Vision has created this one aimed for the dancefloor, so it makes sure to start of with the beat and some other rhythm and percussion elements, including a bass sound that enters at about the forty second mark along with some of that ol’ hand percussion. At the minute mark he dials the beat back to get to the talking vocals, repeating the title, just to make sure that you know you are at a Haus Party and that you should be dancing, Okay? And the bass sound that immediately comes in after can sure make the people working it. Very bouncy, and the synth line on top makes sure it doesn’t get too deep all the time (as well as the Florida bell percussion he’s got going there).  The next time around he comes back not only with the bass, but with the beat as well, and it all just reinforces that this is made for a House party for you to get housing too. This one comes with some remixes, including one by Boys Get Hurt, who is featured somewhere else in this column as well.


‘There Must Be Love’ by David Morales & Janice Robinson (Disco Juice Radio Mix)

Just wanted to make sure that there was some unabashed disco in here as well, and this Disco Juice Radio Mix certainly fits that bill. It’s got the strings going, the dramatic drums, the diva vocals singing about love, and of course a frantic pace to get dancing to. Meandering right through this dancefloor madness is a little piano as well, and the girls at the back make sure to support their leading lady, singing that despite all the painful moments that love brings, yessir, There must be love. The drums make sure to keep this one on pace and ready for the dancefloor, and all the auxiliary sounds just bring the disco. The vocals, too, and the subject matter, also, are just classic disco for people to shout along to as they’re going all out (which you certainly can on this one). It also has this uplifting vibe, also very fitting for the genre, and the last part even brings a bit of that church in there as well. Just one of those things that you could slide into any disco set where the dancing will show the people’s appreciation for your choice.


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