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Singles That Mingle 20220318


Happy Satuday everyone! The ever-reliable Captain Stavros has sifted through the new releases to bring you the best tunes around right now.


‘Always Something’

Out Now – Papercup Music

Live @ The Victoria in Dalston on 5.4.22

We dare you to play The Cult’s - ‘She Sells Sanctuary’ simultaneously alongside ‘Always Something’.


Ibibio Sound Machine

‘17 18 19’

Electricity out March 25 on Merge Records

Touring London March 28 Rough Trade East / Electric Ballroom Camden April 14 

The last in a series of charged up singles releasing before the album drop in a few weeks. Ibibio’ll help you thaw your way into spring with the heat they bring.


Jesse Mac Cormack


SOLO out April 8 – on Secret City Records

Feels like a Thom Yorke inspired track, very Kid A.


Panic Shack

‘The Ick’

Baby Shack out April 8 – On Brace Yourself Records 

You put the milk in first? Mate, get a clue. How dare you shoosh me!




Place To Land out June 8 – Bayonet Records 

A feel good easy breezy ditty, worth a feel good warm and fuzzy listen.




‘A Breeze’

Constant Connection out April 8 – on Night School Records 

Another quality slow burner.



‘Pillar on the Bridge of Yourself’

Broken Equipment out now – on What’s Your Rapture?

Touring now across the UK 

If you like what you hear, and we do, Bodega are playing a slew of dates around the end of the month in London town.



‘Delia Smith’

Modern Job out now on Nice Swan Records 

Sprints tackle the age-old question, ‘who wants to be special anyway?’.  Track feels like a nod to Blood Red Shoes’ roots, if you dig that you’ll dig this.














Metal Detector 20220315



Welcome back to the Metal Detector, Muso’s Guide home of heavy metal.


‘Call Me Little Sunshine’

Impera is out now on Vertigo Records

Sweden’s satanic majesties of metal and melody are back.  Ghost have a new album out and, if this single were anything to go by, it would be a demonic joyride.  This is definitely the highlight of Impera and has shades of The Cult about it.  The record, as a whole, is shot through with stadium rock sounds, from gated snares to reverb heavy guitars.  Some of the lyrics suggest it's a self-aware send-up on that type of music but no ampount of clever satire could make me want to expose myself too it on a regular basis.  That said, "Call Me Little Sunshine" stuck in my head and it's a cracker of a tune.


‘A Signal in the Noise’

If you can’t get enough of Ghost, you can catch some former Nameless Ghouls on tour soon.  Priest play gothic, EBM-influenced electro, and this tune brings to mind the Sisters of Mercy and Cabaret Voltaire. They're playing the Grand Social in Dublin, in a couple of weeks with our friends in Lugosi supporting.. Tickets here.



You wait 10 years for an album, then two come along in quick succession.  Rammstein have unexpectedly announced a new album and this is the title track.  After taking nearly a decade to write their last album, the global pandemic interrupted their promotional tour and they have kept themselves busy recording a follow-up already. Put the Belfast show back on, Please!






Singles that Mingle 20220204



Our frontline reporter and London correspondent, Captain Stavros, brings you the newest and most exciting new tunes.


Mothermary – ‘I am Your God’


Out Now – Italians Do It Better


Calling all Italians Do It Better fanboys/girls, double trouble coming at you with Mothermary. No such thing as too much of a good thing. Foot tapping rump shakin’ goodness.



Tempers – ‘Nightwalking’


Out April 1– on DAIS


Stripped back doom-synth (I’m not sure that’s a thing, but it is now!) sullen and moody. Somehow still catchy though.



Bnny – ‘I’m Just Fine’


Out now on Fire Talk


Melancholy vocals accompany equally melancholic melodies. If you dug Windowspeak and Holy Motors’ latest, give this a whirl.



Tess Parks – ‘Happy Birthday Forever’


Out May on Fuzz Club


We immediately got some low-fi Sneaker Pimps vibes off this one, let us know if you hear it too.



Media Giant – ‘Guilt/Shame’


Out now on Brace Yourself Records


We had a good feeling about this one because the promo shots were next level ironic. Media Giant’s tunes are anything but ironic, they feel awkward in a loveable and listenable way.




Zoee - ‘The Empty Glass’


Flaw Flower is out now on Illegal Data


Theatrical avant pop comes at you mostly like a psychedelic pagan ritual to welcome in the spring time sooner, a helluva lotta more fun than a ground hog day event in our opinion.



Geese – ‘Projector’


Out now on Partisan Records and in the UK for a tour in June.


Reminds us of Feet, effortlessly cool. It’s the type of track that reminds you to check-and-see what’s piping in through your headphones.



Calexico – ‘El Mirador’


Out April 8 on City Slang


A visually appealing video accompanies a familiar sound Calexico south-western sound. It’s a blur which, one, or all, South American musical styles they draw from and pay homage too point is it sounds mighty fine.












Singles That Mingle 20220128




Happy new year everyone!

Hopefully 2022 will be an improvement on what has preceded it.

Captain Stavros is back with a roundup of the best new tunes to guide our tired brains through the rest of January.



Daniel Rossen - ‘Shadow in the Frame’




An energetic and masterful piece in a hurry.









Bodega – ‘Thrown’




A punchy and fiercely scrappy track.







VR Sex - ‘Victim or Vixen’




Hard to describe, their blurb says ‘deathrock acid punks’. It’s fucking cool whatever it is. It’s like an acid trip from the perspective of a whammy bar. 







Ibibio Sound Machine




Huge sound, seductively produced and surprisingly isn’t crushed under the weight of its own grandness.







Jason Lytle- 'Drop that Hero'




Here at Muso’s Guide, we don’t condone the use of heroin, but if we did, this would be playing in the shooting gallery.








Tindersticks - ‘Both Sides of the Blade’




Planning a funeral? Want to clear a house party? Slide this bad-boy on. It’s beautiful but really sucks the air out of the room. Great tune for the backdrop of a lost baby duckling looking for its mother after a massive snow dump.







Vero – ‘Beg!’




Guitar centred grungey power music, great for what it is and straight outta Stockholm. Like the syndrome!







Barrie – ‘Quarry’




Dreamy shoegaze blurs the lines between genres but the video to Quarry will blur the lines between reality. This one cuts.







Hate Moss – ‘Fog’




Italo-Brazilian industrial / post-punk duo release an electrifying cut.













Singles That Mingle 20211207

Laura May Carter – ‘Blue’s Not My Colour’ 

Mini Album Out Now 


We once threw back a few shots of tequila with Laura May Carter at the Lexington and then proceeded to destroy Steven (BRS Bandmate) and his partner at a savage game of Foosball. Do not mess with her, do listen to her tunes. 


Drug Couple – ‘Our December’ 

Stoned Weekend – Out January 28th 


Honestly, the name got us, then we released it was December, kismet. We stuck around for the stripped back tones though. 


Boy Harsher – ‘Give Me a Reason’ 

January 21st Album Release 


If after all this time we haven’t given you enough reasons to listen to Boy Harsher, ‘Give Me a Reason’ you shouldn’t be? 


SPINN – ‘People Should Know Better’ 


Album out February 14th 

Flexin’ political chops without clubbing you over the head with them, resonates. 


Blood Red Shoes – ‘Morbid Fascination’ 

New Album January 14th 


BRS, like sharks, continue to move forward testing the bloody waters of new darker and harder sounds and thus ensure their survival. 


Hand Habits – ‘The Answer’ 

‘Fun House’ Out Now 


Elements of Elliott Smith hooked us. 


Vero - ‘Beg!’ 

Out Jan 14th 


Nostalgic and Grungy Hole vibe, hooked the second I heard the guitar intro 



Solis – ‘Sunday’ 


Hypnotic and easy to connect with. 

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Singles That Mingle 20211123



Captain Stavros brings you the hottest new singles round-up




Ist Ist - ‘The Art of Lying’



Playing at the Camden Assembly Dec 2nd, a Socialist's wet dream anthem meets a post truth world, stop me if you've heard this one before.



Sweeping Promises - ‘Pain Without a Touch’



This sounds so raw and gritty we thought it was a reissue a late 70s 100 Club session, a real live wire.




Love Object - ‘The Kill’



Got a translator handy? Have you enjoyed our coverage on Boy Harsher, Odonis Odonis, Doma and Oh Baby? Then 'Love Object' might be for you.




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