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Idles Release A Hymn

I don’t need to say much about this band. You know them and love/hate them already. The third album is coming in September and this is an interesting choice for the new single. It’s not a rousing chant along banger but rather an atmospheric ode to the banality of everyday existence.  

That said, you could imagine this as a singalong anthem in stadia, and Idles have already confirmed a number of really big shows for next year. Hopefully this is as close as they get to stadium rock. It would be a shame to see a band with their potential going down that route.  

Speaking of banality, the video itself follows each band member going to the shops with a parent. A bit like one of those car share shows. The lyrics are subtitled in various languages and I imagine the thrill that I felt when “D’eirigh linn” appeared will be felt by others of the dozens of languages when their own native tongue is represented on screen. Enjoy ‘A Hymn'. 




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