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CVC Catch Jungle Fever

Six-piece slacker funk outfits are very hard to find, especially those hailing from the sleepy, mountain top towns in South Wales.  That was until the birth of slacker funk crew, CVC, affectionately adopting their name from the aforementioned town, Church Village (Crew), boldly emerged. Their debut single 'Jungle Fever’ released last week marks the first of two releases produced by Matt Evans (Keys) supported by the Welsh artist development scheme, Forté Project.

CVC say that “‘Jungle Fever’ is a 3-minute distillation of pure energy that should be played as loud as possible, on the fattest speakers you can find or at the very least cranked up through the radio of your mum’s car.” The band continue “Big shout out to ‘The Big Sweep’ aka Matt Evans for helping us create this wild and untameable beast.”

Backed up by hard-head bouncing funk riffs, the song follows themes of love, lust and ultimately being lost in the world. ‘Jungle Fever’ is an obvious choice for a debut single and a well-known crowd favourite.

Whilst life moves along slowly in their hometown, the same can't be said for these infamous crowd-pleasers. Described by Buzz Magazine as "explosive loons" armed with a barrage of various ‘70s and funk influences, CVC have quickly become a 'go-see' band within the Cardiff music scene.




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