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True Moon Release Poison

Poison is the first single from True Moon's upcoming second album, II. True Moon released their critically acclaimed self-titled album in 2016. The Swedish quartet offers an enchanting blend of dark wave, post-punk, and alternative that eclipses musical trends. Formed by members of Grammy-nominated band Vånna Inget, they have created a charming darkness together.

True Moon's 2016 self-titled debut, a brooding yet sensual work that garnered attention in the Scandinavian music community and beyond. With influences including Joy Division, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Sisters of Mercy, The Mission, early Cure, Stevie Nicks and Heart, they channeled a sound of bittersweet twilight.

True Moon expanded their audience with performances in Sweden, the UK, and the United States, playing with bands like Killing Joke, King Dude, MCC, Against Me! and many more. Now poised for their next release, titled II, True Moon has nowhere to go but up. "We want to draw our own cult of believers together and create a little chaos of our own," Karolina says. "We want this record to be like an infectious poison."



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