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Pete Gardiner Sees Dangerous People

Pete Gardiner is a rarity, a true songsmith, a poet who sets his stories to music. Pete writes about doomed, alcohol fuelled love affairs, our celebrity obsessed culture, vanity, greed, violence and lust with a style and passion inspired by his songwriting heroes Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Bruce Springsteen. Growing up in Northern Ireland in the ‘90s, there was no shortage of subject matter for Pete’s unique ability with words.

New single ‘Dangerous People’ interprets the madness depicted in world news headlines into three minutes of dramatic Americana-influenced folk storytelling.

Pete goes on to say that, “The song follows a man driven to the brink of madness by our current political climate coupled with his own inner turmoil and anxiety. He wants some company and he does his best to hide his darker personality traits from the woman he desires. However, with each passing chorus, his true nature becomes more evident. I wanted to write something in the style of Leonard Cohen's ‘Everybody Knows’ where the lyrics somehow say everything about where we are in the world without being specific about anything.”



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