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Dinah Brand Release Third Album

Dinah Brand release their third album, Thank You Driver, on May 31. The band launch the album at Whelan’s (upstairs) in Dublin on Friday, June 7. Like Frankenstein’s sad monster, Dinah Brand is made up of parts of old bands exhumed and re-animated: Dylan Phillips of Pet Lamb, Stephen Ryan of The Stars Of Heaven and The Revenants, Gavin Ward of Jackbeast and David Lacey of Legion Of Two and Three Ring Psychosis.

Long term resident in the Dublin Heritage City Experience, Dinah Brand songs go like this: personal intimacies and universal anxieties hidden in obscure, confusing word bunches; combined with warm and erratic electric guitar tones; and all—usually, but not exclusively—shifting at mid-pace drum time.

Way back in 2003, they released Pale Monkey Blues, a classic piece of Dublin noir. In 2010 or so, it was second album I Can Walk Through—another sad and lovely suite. Their latest is Thank You Driver. This one, perversely, is as positive and angry as a natural melancholic can be—as sweet as it is dyspeptic. Never belonging but always available, three albums deep, Dinah Brand songs are your friend if you want it—you need never feel lonesome again. 



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