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Nix Moon stand on Ceremony

Nix Moon release their new single ‘Ceremony’ today. It is a song that they have been playing live for some time and holds special meaning for them. The song is taken from their debut album, which they plan to release later this year.

We’re big fans of the band here and have been since first seeing them live at Vantastival 2016. They were so good that we went to see them again later that day. If you’re a fan of The Doors and the Grateful Dead, you’ll love ‘Ceremony’. The psychedelic guitars provide  backing for the dulcet harmonies from Joycey and Fahy.

The song was recorded at the world renowned Grouse Lodge Studios, Co. Westmeath. The band previously won a session at the studio at Firestone’s Battle of the Bands Competition in 2017, as well as a headlining slot at Vantastival that year.

Nix Moon combine complex rhythms and genuine lyrics that merge progressive rock, jazz, reggae and folk. Their own closest description is “prog rock flirting with untamed psychedelic tendencies and Eastern influences”. Thankfully, ‘Ceremony’ is easier to listen o than it is to understand.

They are the quintessential festival band; baggy trousers, flowing hair and beards, and a barefoot, world-travelling, bongo player. Trying to capture the sound and feeling of Nix Moon in a studio setting is like trying to catch lightning in a bottle, but they have given it a good go here.


Upcoming Gigs:

The Spirit Store, Dundalk, Friday 10th May

Crane Lane, Cork, Tuesday 14th May

Mc Kenna’s Bar, Monaghan, Friday 17th May

Cavan Arts Festival, Cavan, Saturday 18th May

Sunflower Bar, Belfast, Sunday 26th May

Whelan’s, Dublin, Friday 31st May



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