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New Tau Video Out Now

Online now is the stunning new video from Tau. The track and video, both by design and happy accident, represent an exploration of Irish culture and family history through the eyes and ears of the bands linchpin, Sean Mulrooney. “Basically it’s like my past, present and future has merged. I couldn’t do it better if I tried. The tree in the video is over 100 years old, my grandad, my dad, me, and my nephews all had a strong connection to it. It’s a Spanish Sweet Chestnut. We had no intention of featuring my parents in the video, I was visiting Ireland, doing normal stuff, cleaning and such, and the director just start shooting. My Mother has dementia, so I thought it could be good to make light of that too.”

Taken from the new album, Tau And The Drones Of Praise, ‘Craw’ is a haunting neo-folk tinged ancestral evocation. Tau is the Berlin-based collective surrounding Dublin-born musician and songwriter Sean Mulrooney. Going deeper into his roots, ‘Craw’ is derived from the old Irish idiom “something’s stuck in yer craw!” - something that needs to be purged or set free - the track itself stands as an inimitable jewel within the new album’s treasure chest.

It shows Mulrooney's vulnerability in accepting that his outward venture to find hidden knowledge, has led him finally back to his own Irish tribe and heritage. The string section, composed by Rory McKee, is what makes this track truly remarkable: it is at once hollow, stabbing and tender and recalls John Cale’s eerie arrangements for Nick Drake.

New album, Tau and the Drones of Praise, aims to filter out the cacophony and confusion of the current way of living. It offers studious ruminations of the invisible, crossed with the wall-of-sound psychedelic drone arrangements that are at the very core of the Tau project. Presenting flaming new visions with many musical alchemists such as: Afrofuturist legend Idris Ackamoor of The Pyramids, the pioneers of the present generation of Indian classical music, Lalitha and Nandini (aka the LN Sisters), and long-term collaborator Earl Harvin (Tindersticks).

Sean Mulrooney was a centripetal force in Berlin's early-2010's motley psych crew, a time when a short-lived period of renaissance was abound in the city. He was instrumental in linking old masters of German krautrock with new recruits and as a result, produced Mueran Humanos' and Camera's first record. His involvement with other luminaries (Damo Suzuki, Dead Skeletons, NEU's Michael Rother) developed an identifiable sound during this period that was uniquely Berlin-Scene.



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