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Jack Watts Checks His Horrorscope

Following the release of ‘Glass Houses’, Brighton-based Jack Watts has unveiled another taste of his forthcoming project with the playfully titled ‘Horrorscope’. Jack’s previous single secured strong support from the likes of Record Of The Day and Crack In The Road, picking up over 30,000 streams off the back of additions to Spotify’s New Music Friday in the UK, Italy, Finland and Turkey. Yet again juxtaposing his fragile vocal with unnervingly sinister visuals, the video for ‘Horrorscope’ (out Friday) sees the songwriter working with director Tim Bidwell to dream up a surreal environment in which his musical eccentricities can thrive. Having previously toured across the UK alongside Flyte, Jack has also performed at The Great Escape and recorded sessions for Burberry Acoustic and Mahogany. Gearing up for an active 2018, new material is currently being written and recorded with producer Ben de Vries (Lunacre, David Gray).

‘Horrorscope’ was written on public transport, ‘overhearing mind numbing conversations that are infuriatingly flawed and often rife with sheeple views.’ Unravelling the layers of a character plastered on falsely to form an identity, the song touches on the need to fit in that we’re all guilty of embracing at one point or another. Jack explains that there was nearly a different video entirely ‘where I dressed as a clown, sass dancing down the back streets of Haggerston and then attending a clown ceremony in a church’, which made the local paper but was scrapped due to the press being in too many shots.

Mirroring the uncertainty of the track’s arrangement, the final video is difficult to watch at times, but Jack’s whispered melodies are almost reminiscent of a nursery rhyme as his soothing vocal gives the whole experience a hypnotic effect. ‘Horrorscope’ goes a long way to offering an insight into the wonderfully peculiar ideas this young songwriter has inside of him, and it won’t be long before he’s back with another.





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