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Say Lou Lou Return With Epic Single 'Ana'

Musical duo Say Lou Lou return today with their stunning new single, titled ‘Ana’, taken from their forthcoming full-length album, Immortelle, out on September 21 via á Deux/Cosmos Music. Serving as a stunning glimpse into what’s to come from the Australian/Swedish duo, ‘Ana’ offers music fans a refreshing new sound, perfectly encapsulating everything from the old Hollywood golden era, like an early ‘60s John Barry soundtrack, to the scratchy beats and strings plucked right from a ‘90s triphop classic. ‘Ana’ was written and recorded in a secluded woodsy Beachwood Canyon recording studio late last year, the result of a close creative collaboration between twin sisters Say Lou Lou and producers Trent Mazur and Dash Le Francis.

The very personal upcoming album, Immortelle, from which ‘Ana’ is the introduction, is an exploration into the roles that you consciously or subconsciously play, particularly as a woman; a moody and sensual collection of songs heavily inspired by film noir and old James Bond scores, with layers of dreamy vocals and hazy harmonies. “It was very symbiotic,” explains Elektra. “We had all of these mood boards and visuals from the beginning; we constantly referenced films and looked at clips. Parts of the album process were very structured: the vibe, the world, instruments and string references, giving thought to both the aural and visual aspects so they’re all properly cohesive.” The twins embraced the idea that an artist doesn’t need to be limited to a single medium; what’s important is that an audience can engage with the world the artists create, regardless of vessel. Immortelle and its accompanying moving and still imagery will attest to that.

Say Lou Lou is a musical duo from Sweden and Australia consisting of twin sisters Miranda and Elektra Kilbey. In 2015, the duo released their critically acclaimed debut album, Lucid Dreaming, which featured wildly popular singles such as ‘Julian’, ‘Games For Girls’ and the dreamy ‘Nothing But A Heartbeat’. Since the release of their debut, Say Lou Lou decided they’d reached the end of their relationship with the corporate music industry world and decided to take control of their own artist vision. In order to produce something that reflected where their heads were at as artists and young women today, they turned to the West Coast of the United States and embarked on what they call their Renaissance time: which brings them to making Immortelle, a time in their careers and lives where the two were able to creatively flourish. The resulting album is a triumph and cements the girls as unique voices in 2018’s musical landscape.




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