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The Garrys Makeout at the Drive-In

The Garrys release their new single 'Makeout at the Drive-In' on May 13, through Grey Records. It is a shimmering slice of surf pop,  tremulous guitar licks are draped in subtle strings, framed by percussive backdrops and infused with The Garrys longing entwined vocal harmonies. With elements of dream pop that could be lifted from a Beach House record, allied to the influence of reverb-heavy 1950s harmonies and a cinematic quality that recalls the Twin Peaks soundtrack. 

The Garrys are a trio of sisters from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada who play garage surf pop doo-wop. Their harmonies are dreamy and precise, and their instrumentation stays true to the likes of Dick Dale and early Beatles. Formed in the spring of 2015, The Garrys pull a strong influence from early reverb rock 'n' roll and ‘50s era vocal harmonies. 

The Garrys released their latest album, Surf Manitou, in Canada last year through Saskatoon label Grey Records. Surf Manitou is a concept LP written about the various places in the nostalgic prairie resort town of Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan. The album is more technical and more musically mature than their first effort, raunchy and dreamy it comes with a gratuitous dose of beach sass.


May 17, The Great Escape, Brighton:  The Walrus- 12.15 am, Canada House Showcase

May 18 - The Moon club, Cardiff 


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