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Maximilien In Alliance With Praa

Conjuring an illusion of mystery, French artist Maximilien brings innovation and colour with his latest single ‘Alliance’, a collaborative indulgence with his compatriot, Praa. The soothing electronic sounds of Maximilien is a mix of synthesizers and organic instruments, and amalgamation of drum machines, synthetic experimentations, piano and vocoder.

To accompany this unique new single, Maximilien has released a hypnotic and mesmerizing video, highlighting the raw talent of both musicians involved.

The cinematographic electronics of Maximilien and the urban flow of Praa illustrates a unique and affluent ‘Alliance’, the vividness of an epic beat combined with the power of a spellbinding voice. The director Liswaya (Her, Cartier, Major) shows us the impacting images of this ‘Alliance’ in master form, heightening our visual stimulation to new lengths. 




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