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Turtle Farm Return With New EP

San Francisco's electronic music act Turtle Farm, long known for defying genres, will now be known for defying death as well as they return from the grave with glorious new tracks after a years-long struggle with addiction to strawberry-flavoured marshmallows. After first hitting the scene in 2011, Turtle Farm quickly gathered a small amount attention after being well received by local music writers. However, with success comes a whole new host of temptations ready to ensnare anyone without the good sense to avoid them.

"For the first time in my life, I had money" says Turtle Farm's creator Garrett W., "I was standing in line at Target, and I saw a bag of strawberry marshmallows. Normally I don't have marshmallow money" he says, "that day I did." That single act would kill the band before it ever got to truly live. "It was the best thing I had ever tasted, nothing else was like it. Ever since that first taste, I kept trying to recreate that same feeling, eating more and more marshmallows at all times of the day. I started thinking irrationally, like 'maybe if I ate one in the morning, it'll taste that same way again'. Soon it was taking up all my time, I had to choose music, or marshmallows? I chose marshmallows."

In the end, it wasn't his power of will or desire to create more music that saved him. "They just stopped making the marshmallows I like" he says. "I only like the strawberry ones." Now, he's starting fresh, with both stunning visuals and a new EP of deviously clever, original and heartfelt tracks (including the emotionally charged single ‘Friends Again’). 

On the success of overcoming his addiction, and to those out there suffering from addiction as well, he gives the following words of encouragement: "Anything you do in life, if you do it a lot all the time, the people around you will be mad  that you have something fun to do all the time and they don't. So they'll make you feel like garbage and a bad person for doing it and then tell you to stop. Marshmallows weren't hurting nobody."


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