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Practice Shares New Track 'Vantablack'


Practice is the alternative pop artist from London that doesn’t want to be disposable. He’s in it for the long run and is working like a dog to gain musical longevity and critical success. He wants you not to sift through songs but to invest time and belief in artists again. He will not follow the party line. He will not be owned. Instead, he wants to be heard. To be eternally thought-provoking. And to be outspoken in the subtlest of ways.

His debut album View-Master is out on May 26 and centres on various themes: the fluoridisation of American waters, the sentencing of Chelsea Manning, Snowden and the censorship of governments. It definitely has an American slant in its outlook and content. The concept of political affiliation, the profiteering from Saudi Oil, child vaccinations scandals, the tyranny and hypocrisy of governments and officials, the division of wealth and the 1%. Taking inspiration from Scott Walker, Elliott Smith, Bjork, Mew and Phil Collins, View-Master is an amalgam of tangential electropop oeuvres, energetically set for the melancholic, contorted dancehall.

The recording process took just under a year, with various sessions in houses in Dalston, Croydon and Berkhamsted. With angry neighbours amassing, he took to wearing headphones and focusing on the best synth pop sounds he could find. A labour of love at every turn, Practice hand-crafted each melody and lyric as well as self-producing and self-financing.



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