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The Beatpack - Back, Behind And In Front EP


Looking for four tracks of searing, authentic British beat? Then look no further as The Beatpack deliver that up in spades on Back, Behind & In Front. No doubt I've missed a few releases in a similar vein this year but I highly doubt many if any were of the quality on offer here + there's not a cover version in sight (something that can't be said about at least one similar luminary of the scene).

Untrained ears will easily mistake this as being the work of contemporaries of The Pretty Things whilst later fans of the genre can happily place them alongside The Mystreated. Each song here is a classic and there's a breadth of variety within the band's overall sound that few acts seem to currently manage whatever their field.

Final track 'A Fog Is Lifting' marries proto-psych backing vocals with pounding drums and blistering harmonica - think The Electric Prunes' Mass In F Minor played behind 'Psychotic Reaction'. That harmonica's there right at the start of side A too on 'Loopin' With Lucy', which races along as if time's against it. I could go on about tracks two and three as well but you'd do better to buy the disc and experience them yourself.

Simply put this is one of the best releases of it's kind this (or any other) year.

Back, Behind & In Front is available from State Records.



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