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Singles That Mingle 20211123

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Captain Stavros brings you the hottest new singles round-up




Ist Ist - ‘The Art of Lying’



Playing at the Camden Assembly Dec 2nd, a Socialist's wet dream anthem meets a post truth world, stop me if you've heard this one before.



Sweeping Promises - ‘Pain Without a Touch’



This sounds so raw and gritty we thought it was a reissue a late 70s 100 Club session, a real live wire.




Love Object - ‘The Kill’



Got a translator handy? Have you enjoyed our coverage on Boy Harsher, Odonis Odonis, Doma and Oh Baby? Then 'Love Object' might be for you.




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Scruff of the Neck Presents ... - 20160502

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For your entertainment during another working week here's five more hand-picked delights from the Scruff Of The Neck stable.

The Starkins – 'Wasted'

Despite being a little quiet in recent months, The Starkins still remain one of Sheffield's most promising young bands. 'Wasted' is the ultimate indie anthem; a huge chorus is interspersed with quieter verses eventually reaching a cathartic conclusion. With gigs booked in the coming months, catch them live to see for yourself what the fuss is about.

EARTHS – 'Body Parts'

Post-rock and shoegaze are arguably two genres that go hand in hand with Scotland, something that EARTHS use to their advantage excellently. A combination of imposing instrumental breakdowns and understated verses delivered with a true Scottish lilt, 'Body Parts' is taken from their Blood Diary EP, and is the perfect introduction to a band refusing to be bound by genre.

Vellocet – 'Better Days'

Upbeat and anthemic, Brighton's Vellocet suscribe to a brand of pop-rock that's bold, brash and difficult to ignore. 'Better Days' is as optimistic as its name suggests, despite its subject matter. Clattering guitars jangle along with drums effortlessly, all the while allowing the Neil McMillan's rich vocals to soar.

Waste Of Paint – 'For Molly'

Understated and almost painfully pretty, Yorkshire's Waste of Paint craft intricate folk-pop musings that uphold a deft balance of polish and grit. 'For Molly' is a lilting, meandering track in which subtle guitars are interwoven dexterously with button-bright keys. Rich and lighthearted, it's the perfect accompaniment to a summer afternoon.

Ist Ist – 'White Swan'

Emerging from the darker recesses of Manchester's music scene in 2015, post-punks Ist Ist are making a name for themselves as one of the city's most intense acts, both live and on record. Debut single 'White Swan' is a thunderous and uncompromising aphorism from a band whose ambition is matched only by its intensity.

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