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Pixie Dot And Dash Halloween Special

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Continuing my shameless self-promotion on Musos’ Guide, the band I formed with my teenage daughter has a new release out on Friday. Pixie and I have recorded a light heart number about flatulence while we drafted in Reverend JM of Lugosi to spin a nightmarish tale of an anxiety dream filled with existential dread. Yes, this is the true meaning of Halloween. We may not get to celebrate it this year but at least we can provide a soundtrack.

‘Handy Aday’ was recorded with Darren Flynn (Mongrel State). ‘Handy Aday’ is one of Pixie’s common catchphrases. It’s a warning that she has just farted. But you don’t need to worry about nasty odours because this track doesn’t stink. Our synthesizer, Dot, was put to work on ululating sounds like Daft Punk directing a SETI programme. Why choose between creating something original and making a pop song when you can do both simultaneously?

‘Random Chains’ was written and recorded with Reverend JM Burr of Lugosi and Reverend JM’s Panic Worship. It’s the perfect Halloween tune with raw. Gritty instruments, relentless beats, and a fever dream vignette of paranoia, anxiety, and horror from Dublin’s resident master of scary tales.

Be brave and bold and delve into the darkened depths of Pixie Dot & Dash’s Halloween Special. Download the double A-side from Bandcamp from Friday October 23, 2020.


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