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The Night Flight Orchestra Release New Single 'Impossible'

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Enjoying the last warm sunrays of late September, The Night Flight Orchestra comforts you with a late summer anthem to extend the ease and joy of that season. The band states: "Some bands might get depressed when the summer ends and the darkness is coming closer. But not The Night Flight Orchestra. Instead, they choose to celebrate the summers that were, the summers that might never come again, but will always be with you, like a tiny sprinkle of Champagne to thaw your frost-bitten heart.”

‘Impossible’ is a song for all the hopeless romantics who are hanging on by a thread to the memories of their vivid summer escapades, hoping that it will help them survive the approaching winter.

The b-side is a cover of ‘Reach Out’ by Cheap Trick, and everything except the lead vocals and drums were recorded on tour, on tour buses and backstage rooms throughout Europe, before they had to head home because the borders were starting to close down.

“But this is our love letter to you, from The Night Flight Orchestra, hoping that you’ll be with us through the rough winter months coming up.”




The Night Flight Orchestra Release 'Transmissions'

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While waiting for the official departure of Aeromantic, the new album of Swedish AOR superstars The Night Flight Orchestra on February 28, the band has released the new single and music video for 'Transmissions.'

The single was produced and recorded by the band and Thomas Plec Johansson, featuring guest star Rachel Hall on epic violin. The music video was produced by René U Valdes and features dancer extraordinaire Ella Snellman.

On the new single, the band comments: "Did you know that every move you make is caused by the brain sending electrical nerve impulses to your limbs? And that every time someone touches you, electrical currents send news about this sensation to your brain? And this, the electricity and magic that you experience when you are truly touched by another human being is what 'Transmissions', the new single and video by The Night Flight Orchestra, is all about, and how that electrical charge is captured and stored somewhere inside you, changing you forever." 'Transmissions' is the second single from The Night Flight Orchestra 's upcoming album.

The Night Flight Orchestra Live:

06.03.              UK        London - Islington Assembly Hall

06.08.              UK        Derby - Bloodstock Open Air



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