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Tempertwig Stoke Up Fake Nostalgia

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This excellent single disc anthology from London’s Tempertwig is out on Audio Antihero in a couple of weeks and is cracker. We’ll have a review for you next week. In the meantime, you can catch up on the band and listen to a few tracks.

Tempertwig (1999-2004) were a three piece from South London. They featured Ben and Adam Parker of the acclaimed groups Nosferatu D2 and The Superman Revenge Squad Band. The cult work of Ben and Adam Parker has found fans at Public Radio International , Drowned in Sound, Gold Flake Paint, DIY Mag, BBC Radio, TLOBF and many more.

Fake Nostalgia: An Anthology Of Broken Stuff is a collection of Parker brothers material from their early and urgent days. Lyrical, frantic, minimalistic and eclectically unpredictable, theirs is a sound which has launched labels a decade apart. This collection is released by Audio Antihero Records, who formed in 2009 to release Nosferatu D2’s lone album, and, the fledgling Randy Sadage label, who are debuting in 2019 to release this Tempertwig anthology. This music means a lot to a few.




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