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Death Valley Girls Share Hypnagogia

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With their new album, Under the Spell of Joy, out now via Suicide Squeeze Records, Los Angeles doom-boogie group Death Valley Girls are sharing their new video ‘Hypnagogia’. Speaking about the video, director Arturo Baston said "'Hypnagogia' music video aims to represent both a mystical dream and a universal spell, trying to include rites, superstitions, and symbologies that were taken, with absolute respect, from different beliefs around the world (black cats, resurrection butterflies, Huichol deer and Anansi, the African trickster spider, for example). Maybe, it can also be understood as an audiovisual Totem. It was a truly great honor for me to work with such a powerful and meaningful music."

Adding to this, Death Valley Girls' vocalist & guitarist Bonnie Bloomgarden spoke about the track, saying "You can have what you want, but only if you know what you want! We have been practicing manifesting for a while but only recently discovered the concept of visualization. Visualization allows you to feel/imagine as though you just achieved that which you are trying to manifest! To actually feel the joy of success surround you is a remarkably strong way to manifest what you desire. This song is meant to be a tool to bring you to that state of joy. First press play. While listening to the song, start to imagine what you desire, and most want to bring into your life. Imagine how it feels, how do you feel? Do you feel different? Who will you tell this news to first? What will they say when they hear the good news? What will you say differently to yourself before going to bed or right when you wake up in the morning? Does it feel better than you imagined this achievement to feel? When it gets to the breakdown, feel free to say or chant your phrase of success! Mine is 'holy shit, no way, that’s so cool' what’s yours?"

'Under The Spell of Joy' track list:

1. Hypnagogia

2. Hold My Hand

3. Under the Spell of Joy

4. Bliss Out

5. Hey Dena

6. The Universe

7. It All Washes Away

8. Little Things

9. 10 Day Miracle Challenge

10. I'd Rather Be Dreaming

11. Dream Cleaver




Death Valley Girls New Single

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After releasing their album 'Darkness Rains'  last year, Los Angeles doom boogie/dystopian punk/occult glam rockers Death Valley Girls are sharing a new standalone single, Dream Cleaver, via Suicide Squeeze Records.

Based on your current station in our technological age, Death Valley Girls’ fusion of feral proto-punk, ‘70s scuzz dirges, and third eye mysticism is either completely at odds with your worldview or utterly revelatory. Words like “retro” or “old school” convey a starry eyed nostalgia that do a disservice to the band’s harnessing of primal instrumentation and communal reverberations—if something in Death Valley Girls’ sound harkens to the past, it’s only in an attempt to dislodge us from the static of the present.

That dedication to lifting the veil of modern illusions continues with Dream Cleaver’, a rousing anthem in praise of psychonaut and ethnobotanist Terrence McKenna, his research on “the spirit molecule” DMT, and the possibility of trans-dimensional travel. If you need to get elevated, take a three-minute dose of Dream Cleaver’.



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