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Quilt - Plaza

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Album number three from Quilt thankfully finds them sticking to what they do best & not leaving the psych behind in favour of pseudo-disco as other acts of their ilk have done of late. No bids for the low spiritual reward of mainstream success here.

With all the well-loved elements of the quartet’s sound firmly in place and the quality so readily evident on Plaza’s predecessors Quilt and Held In Splendor clear for all to see once again, the reviewer is left with a bit of a difficulty when it comes to writing the thing up. For established fans it’s everything you’ve likely hoped for and for those new to the band it’s as easily accessible a place to start with them as either albums one and two were. No jarring changes, no rough edges (not that it’s in any way polished or over-produced), those sweet harmonies and the overall warmth and encapsulation the band are known for.

Consistency can be hard to maintain but despite a growing fanbase & the worldwide touring that requires to keep it happy Quilt’s eight feet seem as rooted as ever in their home environment & its influences. Indeed as one of those aforementioned new fans you’d easily be forgiven for assuming this to be a debut album, so steeped in its own world does it seem. The boys possibly sing a couple more of the songs than in the past but, played back to back, the band’s output to date could all have been put down on tape in one big session years ago and just be getting drip-fed to the listening public, such is the pure and unchanging nature of what they’ve come up with here.

Nothing ever happens slowly here (languid is much more apt) and the flow is sped up a couple of times (‘Own Ways’, ‘Roller’) so there’s plenty of variety on offer. A solid listen from start to finish and a wise addition to the collection of discerning purchasers. 

Plaza is available from amazon & iTunes.

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