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Daughter, Newcastle Academy

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As the Academy fills, support band Pixx take to the stage as their brand of laidback tracks ring out greeting the excited hordes. We watch on as the stage is shrouded in smoke, and Pixx don't seem to inspire a great deal from the increasing mass. There's a lack of fervour and excitement about them, they have a very intimate sound that seems to dissipate very quickly.

That's not to doubt their musical ability or their music, but this cavernous hall struggles to do Pixx justice as they're lacking the firepower to really shine through tonight. With the crowd left a little underdone, Daughter had a lofty task ahead of them. Fortunately though they come out of the blocks fighting with a rousing rendition of ‘How’ to kick off proceedings.

This mammoth opener sets the tone for the opening part of tonight set, with Elena’s delicate vocals taking the fore coupled with the soaring soundscapes. Daughter’s effortless style makes it all look so easy, yet the resulting sound is mesmerising, an all-encompassing barrage of incredible noise. It’s an exciting opening, and just as you think it’s beginning to peak the band flip everything on its head.

From in between these huge cinematic soundscapes and delicate folk songs, comes a raucous foot stomper in the form of ‘Human’ out of the nuance filled haze of beauty. ‘Human’ elevates their set to a whole new level, the heavy drums shaking the venue, live this track takes on a completely different personality. It’s a call to arms that has everyone stamping and singing along with the band.

However, the set does return to the more delicate side of the band's sound; their armoury is still packed with incredible tracks. The incomparable ‘Winter’ casts a wonderful spell of hushed silence across this otherwise rowdy crowd, struck dumb by Elena’s sweet delivery. They hit the crowd with another monstrous number in the form of ‘Fossa’ in the latter part of the set, but it doesn’t rival the brilliance of ‘Human’.

Tonight though Daughter are truly on fire, their cinematic tracks overpower this boisterous crowd. Their set is perfectly balanced with blasts of power in all the right places, keeping the crowd on their toes. Whilst their second album dominates the set, the older tracks stand firm, but there is a noticeable uplift in the newer material. Overall though it’s the ease at which this is all delivered, they dole out a multitude of intriguing sounds each more inspiring than the previous one.  

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