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Since Yesterday, Leith Theatre, Edinburgh

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En route to the Leith Theatre I was caught up in a downpour. Never before have I looked in envy upon someone wrapped up head to toe in what looked like a wet banana. Why am I telling you this? Because it's my excuse for showing up ridiculously late to the Since Yesterday event, an event that ended up being something a little bit unexpected.

Unfortunately, I only caught the last two songs of The Van T’s act. What I did see however, was a band that gelled well, rocked well and thanked well (expressed extreme thanks for being involved in the event several times.) I have not followed the progress of The Van T’s but will be sure to keep them on my radar.

As I waited for Sacred Paws to gather themselves upon the stage, I had a look around the venue. It has only been a few months since I last attended an event there, that being Hidden Door. The large bar area was opened up to the public – I’m sure this was not on offer to us previously. Tonight’s entertainment was brought to us as part of the Light On The Shore with Edinburgh Gin Seaside. Thought I’d support that – so I participated by having a Gin and Tonic.

What can I say about Sacred Paws? Singer/guitarist Rachel Aggs is so completely likeable, you can’t help but smile throughout the set. She welcomed us in with her smile and I thought how rare it is to be addressed with such enthusiasm. Hers was the kind of stage banter that makes you feel like she’s talking to a small group of mates. Easy. Open. Silly and fun. Shoeless dancing, shimmying, hopping, the girl gets into it and looking around me, I could see more than just the usual head bopping going on. Halfway through the set, Aggs and drummer/vocals Eilidh Rogers treated us to their original band of two. It was so clear we were getting down with their post-punk poppin' indie attitude. Sacred Paws should be seen in the flesh – as much as I enjoy their music through my headphones on a crowded bus, experiencing their live show is a joy.

I wasn’t entirely sure what the rest of the night would unveil. Even after reading the info on The Edinburgh International Festival website, I think you would be hard pressed to predict how it was to fit together. The event was created to ‘celebrate the music of women-fronted Scottish bands and the new generation of musicians who are challenging the gender balance.’

The house band comprised of girls on keyboard, drums, guitars, bass and sometimes cello. They handled the quick changing genres with impressive dexterity. The Twinsets with Rachel and Gaye Bell were up first, looking relaxed and happy to take the stage. 'Walking On The Sand', written by their father, brought many smiles to the crowd. The Ettes followed and what a force! They introduced one of their songs by explaining that they wrote the song age 17 in a bedsit in Leith and here they were, performing it at the international festival.

Lungleg’s Jane McKeown belted out a mighty fine 'Kung Fu On The Internet'. Most of the acts were pretty quick, with only one or two songs to make their mini sets. I filed this one under ‘check her out when I get home’ as this was new to me. Having grown up in deepest darkest Nebraska, much of this hour was a revelation.

As the night progressed, I whirled around and took in the crowd behind me. This was one of those rare opportunities where I could have brought along my 18 year old daughter (if I had one), and my mother (if she weren’t in the States). Something for everyone? Seldom does a music event cater to such a variety of people. This made it even more exciting – the knowledge that celebrating women in the Scottish music scene had brought out people that might not usually venture into the venue or out for a night of tunes. It was apparent that many were having mental jaunts down memory lane and it was touching to see how affected many were by what was happening on stage.

Strawberry Switchblade were the final act in the string of female talent. By their second song they were warmed up and feisty. They had the crowd La la-ing along to 'Since Yesterday'. Again, the crowd were happily singing along and hey, if this was your first experience of them then what a great little introduction.

Bossy Love finished off the night with attitude and a black jumpsuit – a staple in many a performer’s wardrobe this season.  


Edinburgh International Festival Finalises Contemporary Music Line-up

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As mentioned in our initial news piece covering the Edinburgh International Festival programme launch the contemporary music element was only to be finalised on May 02. As that was yesterday the full line-up is now available.

Joining the already publicised John Grant & St. Vincent shows in the city during August the Edinburgh Gin Seaside-sponsored Light On The Shore performances will feature shows from homegrown talent in the shape of Mogwai, The Vaselines, The Jesus And Mary Chain, King Creosote, Django Django, C. Duncan, Karine Polwart, Honeyblood, Spinning Coin, Happy Meals, Fire Engines, The Pastels, Sacred Paws, The Van Ts and Bossy Love

Guest curators Neu! Reekie! play host to Lydia Lunch and Michael Rother, along with poet Linton Kwesi Johnson whilst electronic-folk pioneers Lau oversee a home and away list of performers in their Lau-Land presentation - Joan As Police Woman, Egyptian electronica artist Nadah El Shazly, folk singer Alasdair Roberts, the psychedelic sound of James Holden, the traditional pipes of Rona Lightfoot and Brighde Chaimbuel, chamber-folk quartet RANT, acapella traditional singers Landless and the Whitburn Band.

Performances will take place across 14 nights at the Leith Theatre, which is re-emerging after 30 years of neglect thanks to the ongoing efforts of the Leith Theatre Trust and Hidden Door festival. As well as Edinburgh Gin Seaside the programme of events is supported by the Scottish Government’s Festivals Expo Fund, Leith-based technical partners Black Light and The Warehouse, and in association with the National Museum of Scotland’s exhibition Rip It Up: The Story of Scottish Pop.

Tickets and further information for all performances can be found here from 10:00 on 04/5/18.

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