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Bitch Falcon Release ‘Damp Breath’

Emerging from a summer of hot festival dates all over Europe, Bitch Falcon release ‘Damp Breath’on Reckless Records. Receiving its world premiere this past Sunday on BBC Radio 1 Rock Show with Daniel P. Carter, ‘Damp Breath’ is a blistering 200 seconds long audio assault

In the latest release, Lizzie Fitzpatrick's shredding guitar and commanding vocals are underpinned as always by the throbbing bass and drums duo of Barry O’Sullivan and Nigel Kenny. ‘Damp Breath’ is where Bitch Falcon’s sound has finally found its full widescreen focus.

“‘Damp Breath’ is a story that deals with someone being managed by a person of authority who is potentially seedy in their intentions…. Would things be easier if they embrace their sexuality and use it their advantage or would behave in that way quickly create dread, anxiety, self-loathing and a complete abandonment of feminist values which ultimately would result in overwhelming guilt.’ says Lizzie.



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