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Skaar Releases ‘Five Times’

Norwegian artist Skaar has shared her new single, ‘Five Times’, via Warner Music. An intoxicating blend of captivating production and infectious vocals, the track is a powerful critique of unequal attitudes towards women, and was produced by Swedish duo MadFun. Building through pulsating verses that set a passionately derisive tone through cutting lyricism, the track opens into an anthemic chorus of infectious melodies and explosive attitude.

“This song is about how women have been treated unfairly within our society throughout history and to this day", explains Skaar. “It’s not about hating men, but about how stories and norms have made a culture that discriminates against women and teaches men to see them as objects. When we wrote ‘Five Times’, the lyrics were about a girlfriend of mine who had a boyfriend that cheated on her a lot. She found out, and he managed to make her forgive him and also make her feel guilty about the mistakes he had made. This song is an anthem to all the women out there that think men should own up to their own shit!”

At 21, Skaar is one of Norway’s most exciting new talents. Born on the small west coast island of Stord, she grew up experiencing total freedom and the feeling of belonging somewhere. Just like you can experience all four seasons in one day on the west coast of Norway, she can relate to feeling exuberantly lively and cheerful one minute and almost explosively emotional the next. In these oscillations, friction arises and often results in a flood of inspiration and creativity, which drives her urge to write music.



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