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2 Wolves, It’s All Our Fault

2 Wolves is a gothic metal band from South Karelia, Finland. Since their formation in 2010, the band has released three studio albums. With elements from melodic death metal and doom metal, and inspiration from Finnish melancholy and nature, 2 Wolves create their sound. The band's latest album, Shelter, presents a more melodic approach to their style, with more emphasis on clean vocals. This theme album tells a tragic love story, set up in a haunted house scenery. The album's atmosphere progresses from light to dark, as the season changes from spring to autumn.

Singer Aleksi Susi and drummer Niko Pennanen formed 2 Wolves in Lappeenranta, 2010. In the studio, Pennanen played drums and bass, and Susi played everything else. The industrial-influenced album Gentlemen, Please was released in 2011. The name 2 Wolves originated from Aleksi's last name Susi, which translates to a wolf. The band soon expanded into a five-piece featuring Ilkka Valkonen on vocals, Ossi Viren on the guitar and Toni Rantala on the bass. Subsequently there were enough lineup changes to satisfy even the most extreme stereotype of metal bands .

Last year began with the writing of new songs. The tracks were ready in spring 2018, and band booked the studio at the Deep Noise Studio. The album was recorded in eight days. The new album is released in April 12 by Inverse Records.

Track List:

01. Unwritten Names

02. Strange Patterns

03. Of Storm And Stars

04. Regret

05. Dreaming Beneath

06. Departures And Arrivals

07. Blame

08. Tuhat Kertaa

09. The Fault Is Ours



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