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Experimental Black Metal From Portugal’s Vulpus

Certitude, the debut full-length from Portuguese post-black metallers Vulpus will be officially released on June 25th by the famous Pest Productions (Ghost Bath, Zuriaake, Avulsed, Unreqvited, Sol Sistere). The album was recorded and mastered by Daniel Valente of Chaos Armed Studios (Redemptus, Mist, Windbreak).

This release is centered on anthropocentrism, offering an approximately 40-minute journey through the confines of existentialist introspection through post-black elements, traditional black metal, noise / drone and ambient, combined with new and old-school elements of black metal.

You can find everything on this schizophrenic record: blast beats, noise interludes, sampling and a careful production. The concept of the album revolves around the notions of anomie, the absurd of Camus and anthropocentrism. Aires, from Casa Amarela Collective, is a special guest on the last track of the album.


2.No More Shall I Seek Comfort Amidst These Piles of Rust

3.Like Troxler's Fading

4.Certitude I

5.Certitude II

6.Along Obsidian Shores

7.Hell is Truth Seen Too late



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